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Lukasz Jachowicz ljachowicz at centrumcyfrowe.pl
Fri Nov 30 13:25:42 GMT 2012


> Track C: Open Data in Poland: the state of play
> 22nd February, 11:30 - 12:30
> # Content
> I think I will need your help! What are the coolest / most exciting open data projects / initiatives in the last year? One option would be to have only open data projects on stage or to organize kind of a stakeholder debate (government, administration, civil society, business). In this case we would approach via issues instead via projects. This decision depends on your judgement. What do you think is more interesting in the Polish context?

In my opinion, the most interesting issue for Poland are not projects (or at least, not yet), but the debate whether to open, what to open, why to open and why not to open. There are still huge problems with public administration that prefer to keep data for themselves, for state/city-owned companies/organisations (like weather or transport companies) - as there is a doubt whether they could give away data for free if they could sell it. There is similar problem with central administration that prefers to keep most of the data for themselves. 

> # Format
> We have 1h, I would like to have 3-4 panelists + one moderator each max! 5 min talk = 20 min.  Then interview style debate with 2 questions / panelist by the moderator (15min). So we will have an other 20 min for open debate. For this to work out, not only panelists and moderator need to be good, but we need good people in the audience too.

The audience may be prepared (we can have few people that would for sure ask interesting questions/comments).

> - identify and invite 3 panelists
> - identify and invite moderator
> - develop questions
> - identify other relevant Polish open data stakeholders to invite as active audience

> I would love to have a short skype chat with you guys. Any chance by the end of this week? Thursday/Friday? Or early next week? Please suggest date and time.

I'm having a ePSI call on Monday, at 12:00. At 13:45 I have to leave for some two hours (meeting). So you could join my call with Marc or we can talk at abut 13:00 or 11:00.

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