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Hi all,

I've presented on the scoreboard yday in Luxembourg. It was received well,
although some find it hard to think of a scoreboard that can get
continuously updated, in stead of one that is 'released' every year. The
presentation I gave can be found at

Yvo (deputy head of unit) chaired the meeting, and privately told me he
thought it was a pity that we will not continue (he would have liked to
keep working with a team where he knew what to expect). I told Yvo we were
not too disappointed as it opens up opportunities to more strongly voice
our own opinions, not being held back by the 'diplomatic' side of being
part of the ePSIplatform, and that we intend to keep visible roles in the
open data community.

The team seemed to be disappointed that will not all go to our conference,
although they privately felt it should be that the entire team comes to
Warsaw. They will however keep pressure on Marta and Yvo to be there, in
light of the minister's confirmation.  Szymon will certainly be there
representing the unit.

Both the British, Spanish and Danish delegation took the effort of thanking
us for our work on the ePSIplatform and the scoreboard.

Also briefly bumped into Juan in the hallway, being his usual stressed out
self (although he looked a bit healthier than he has of late). He asked
what we'd be doing after the contract, and I told him we'd be doing what
we've be doing before: setting the tone in the open data community.

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