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 hi all,

as said yesterday I presented on the scoreboard in Luxembourg. Most of the
feedback received was supportive. Germany, France, UK and Spain asked

The UK (Jim Wretham) asked whether it was still useful to have indicators
on the implementation of the PSI Directive (as I showed them all MS score
the same points there, so it's not discerning). Told him that the last
infringement procedures have only just ended, and that with the new
Directive under way, it will soon be discerning again.

France wanted to know if we had used the feedback they gave in April. Yes,
we did.

Other questions were about how to include the impact of re-use. This of
course is hard, as it takes a lot of research and there are no easy
indicators yet. The EC called it 'the holy grail' of finding easy ways to
establish economic impact. It might be possible to include if there are
reports of that type for a certain MS as a Yes/No indicator (is a gov
trying to establish impact in other words), and separately list the impact
found (not as part of the scoreboard). This as those reports vary wildly in
scope (topic, type of impact, type of gov looked at, local, national etc.).

Yvo proposed the MS to provide feedback on the Scoreboard once more, within
10 days. I have provided the EC with a text to ask for feedback. Spain
already indicated they had additional feedback 'worth 85 points'.

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