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Hi there everyone,

Thanks for sending this around Olivier. I actually learnt a lot with 
this post; I didn't think the imbalance was so big (so yes we need the 
lobbyfacts :-) :-) :-) )
I agree with most of your comments, and I think your idea for a 
comparison with TR is really good. Thinking back of the ratio earlier 
calculated by CEO (+/- 6 lobbyists for 1 MEP) I was also wondering if we 
could use the data given in this blog post for more refined ratios on 
the types of lobbyists influencing one MEP (out of the 6 per MEP, we can 
also show the imbalance between corporates and other sectors - then we 
have both the big pictureof corporate imabalance and the micro level). 
But feel free to ignore this idea if you think it makes it confusing.

Speak to you on thursday; will have a look at the outreach plan by then 
as well


On 23/11/2012 14:46, Olivier Hoedeman wrote:
> Dear friends,
> I'm sending you the first draft blogpost for lobbyfacts.eu, written by 
> Ester. It would be great if you could have a look before our next 
> conference call (Thursday 29th at 14 o'clock).
> Also, a message for Friedrich: Ester has sent you some questions which 
> she needs help with before she can proceed with writing the other 
> blogposts we had agreed on.
> friendly greetings
> Olivier
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