[EU-lobby-data] time conference call tomorrow

Natacha Cingotti natacha.cingotti at foeeurope.org
Wed Nov 28 20:10:20 UTC 2012

Hello folks,

I'm struggling a bit this week with large in-depths FoEE discussions on 
strategy developments post-2013; there are some things worrying me a bit and 
therefore I think I cannot really miss the discussions.

Is it possible to envisage that we would move the call tomorrow wednesday, 
either earlier (from 2PM to 1PM or 1'30PM) or maybe to 2'30PM if earlier is 
not possible. I won't be able to make it at 2PM 

Sorry for this last minute change



ps/ what time where we thinking of doing cleaning session on friday? Our 
intern Fabian, is requesting help for a meeting at 10am - so I could either 
start the cleaning earlier from 9PM on or join you as you go from 10.30-45Pm 
onwards. Sorry again, it's just a crazy week really...
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