[EU-lobby-data] conference call Monday or Tuesday?

Olivier Hoedeman olivier at corporateeurope.org
Tue Sep 18 15:38:18 UTC 2012

Dear friends,

Erik and I would like to discuss having our next conference call on 
Monday 24th or Tuesday 25th. Here's a doodle to see if that works for 
everyone: http://www.doodle.com/afnpctsztsaicak4#table

One of the things to discuss is the launch event and a plan of action 
between now and the launch. The launch-date-doodle pointed to first week 
of December as the best week for the launch; within that week Tuesday 
4th of December appears as the best day.

friendly greetings


On 09/13/2012 05:37 PM, Olivier Hoedeman wrote:
> Dear friends,
> as discussed with most of you, I'd like to propose that we set a date 
> for launching the first version of the new website - and that we do 
> this with a press conference and a one-day (or half-day) workshop for 
> journalists how to use the website (and perhaps other research tools) 
> to throw light on lobbying in Brussels. This kind of workshop is 
> something CEO has on its to-do list for the next months and combining 
> it with the launch of the website would be ideal. The ideal timing 
> would be last week of November or first week of December; that way we 
> still have eight-nine weeks to get the website (first version, to be 
> improved and expanded later) done. The two weeks are in principle good 
> for journalists as these are not 'Strasbourg weeks'.
> I've set up a doodle to identify the ideal date for this event, so 
> please check your (organisational) calendars and fill it in within the 
> next days:
> http://www.doodle.com/e47p7gunn453uks5
> As soon as we have determined the launch date we can put together a 
> plan of action of what needs to happen by when to get the website ready.
> friendly greetings
> Olivier

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