[EU-lobby-data] agenda for our conference call tomorrow (Wednesday 26 September 15 o'clock)

Timo Lange, LobbyControl timo.lange at lobbycontrol.de
Tue Sep 25 15:22:38 UTC 2012

Dear Olivier,

thank you very much for this already quite detailed action plan. Since I
won't be with you tomorrow, I've attached the action plan again with my
name in it. Because the programmers and the designers are all located
more or less in Berlin, I am planning to meet with them on a regular
basis to get updates and give inputs. For the latter I will, of course,
be keeping close contact with Erik and Natacha.

Regarding cost-sharing, I believe LC hasn't spend any of the allocated
budget for this project yet. That means that we have in principal 2.000
Euro still available.

Another topic for this or a next conf call should also be - in addition
to cost sharing - a fundraising agreement, i.e. how to split possible
donations etc. But of course our first priority should be to get this
thing running!

Another topic that Erik already pointed out: All software and all
products should be open source or have a creative commons licence. All
organisations taking part in the project should be OK with this.

Kind regards,


Am 25.09.2012 15:30, schrieb Olivier Hoedeman:
> Dear friends,
> I've started working on an planning document with lots of smaller and
> bigger tasks as well as deadlines. The purpose is to help us get into
> higher speed so we can successfully launch the website on December 4th
> with a press conference and a half-day workshop for journalists. It
> would be great if you could have a close look at this draft document
> before the conference call tomorrow so we can improve it (adding tasks
> and specifying who is taking the lead on which bits). And here's a
> proposal for an agenda for tomorrow:
> - update on progress re programming and data normalisation (Friedrich)
> - the contract with web-designers (Erik)
> - venue for December 4th launch (Olivier)
> - what will the name of the website be (plus domain name)
> - budget and cost-sharing arrangement
> - which basic texts do we need to prepare for the website?
> - do we add a cyber-action component from the beginning?
> I'm sure there's many things I've overlooked, but hopefully it's a
> useful (re)start.
> ciao
> Olivier
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> On 09/19/2012 11:42 AM, Olivier Hoedeman wrote:
>> Thanks to all of you for filling in the doodle! The soonest option for
>> the call is Wednesday 26 September 15 o'clock, so let's go for that.
>> In the meantime Erik and Timo will try to finalise the deal with the
>> web-designers (tacticaltech) and I will look for a venue in EU quarter
>> for the launch event on December 4th (perhaps in the Residence
>> Palace). I'll also try to to put together a draft list of all the
>> tasks we need to complete before the launch, so we can divide the work
>> and set mini-deadlines.
>> To refresh your memory, here's the document with our priorities for
>> the website (first version):
>> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvC_15ztaUqHdDZpTlhPTWZUdGttZ1BkT0ZzX3lrTHc#gid=0
>> And here's a test version of the website from earlier this year:
>> http://lobbydemo.pudo.org/ (NB: data not updated)
>> friendly greetings
>> Olivier
>> On 09/18/2012 06:15 PM, Olivier Hoedeman wrote:
>>> Dear friends, I've redone the doodle with more days and times, would
>>> be great if you could fill in a.s.a.p.:
>>> http://www.doodle.com/afnpctsztsaicak47bv7a8r2/admin#table
>>> ciao
>>> Olivier
>>> On 09/18/2012 05:38 PM, Olivier Hoedeman wrote:
>>>> Dear friends,
>>>> Erik and I would like to discuss having our next conference call on
>>>> Monday 24th or Tuesday 25th. Here's a doodle to see if that works
>>>> for everyone: http://www.doodle.com/afnpctsztsaicak4#table
>>>> One of the things to discuss is the launch event and a plan of
>>>> action between now and the launch. The launch-date-doodle pointed to
>>>> first week of December as the best week for the launch; within that
>>>> week Tuesday 4th of December appears as the best day.
>>>> friendly greetings
>>>> Olivier
>>>> On 09/13/2012 05:37 PM, Olivier Hoedeman wrote:
>>>>> Dear friends,
>>>>> as discussed with most of you, I'd like to propose that we set a
>>>>> date for launching the first version of the new website - and that
>>>>> we do this with a press conference and a one-day (or half-day)
>>>>> workshop for journalists how to use the website (and perhaps other
>>>>> research tools) to throw light on lobbying in Brussels. This kind
>>>>> of workshop is something CEO has on its to-do list for the next
>>>>> months and combining it with the launch of the website would be
>>>>> ideal. The ideal timing would be last week of November or first
>>>>> week of December; that way we still have eight-nine weeks to get
>>>>> the website (first version, to be improved and expanded later)
>>>>> done. The two weeks are in principle good for journalists as these
>>>>> are not 'Strasbourg weeks'.
>>>>> I've set up a doodle to identify the ideal date for this event, so
>>>>> please check your (organisational) calendars and fill it in within
>>>>> the next days:
>>>>> http://www.doodle.com/e47p7gunn453uks5
>>>>> As soon as we have determined the launch date we can put together a
>>>>> plan of action of what needs to happen by when to get the website
>>>>> ready.
>>>>> friendly greetings
>>>>> Olivier
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