[EU-lobby-data] Moving on on lobbyfacts

Natacha Cingotti natacha.cingotti at foeeurope.org
Wed Apr 24 12:44:23 UTC 2013

Hi all,

We haven't been active on lobbyfacts for a while. There was a 
conversation between Timo, Mathilde from TacTech and I at the beginning 
of the year about fixing some issues in relation to the next steps of 
the work of Curve. But somehow, we're blocked on the technical aspect of 
things now it seems.

We need to find a way to resume the work if we are to be able to launch 
something before June and not lose the work/money/time we have invested 
so far. People at FoE are asking me lots of questions about this project 
at the moment, on whether this is moving on, and where we are, and dates 
for launch that keep being postponed, and on whether we're actually 
going to launch it one day.

Shall we at least try to have a conversation about it soon, so that we 
can have an overview of what the situation is, where we are blocked, 
what needs to be done and by when for this to go on? We also need to 
figure out whether the data cleaning we did actually was helpful, we 
never discussed this ever again.

We just had an intern starting in the team, whose time I could book 
(partly) to help us with working on stories, but we need to discuss the 
tech questions before I think.

I created a doodle, let's see if we can have even half an hour maybe 
still this week.

Sunny greetings


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