[EU-lobby-data] Moving on on lobbyfacts

Erik Wesselius erik at corporateeurope.org
Wed Apr 24 12:47:35 UTC 2013

Hi all,

Very good, I was just discussing earlier this afternoon with Olivier
that we should talk about the project soon.

I have been in contact with Friedrich the past days about technical
aspects of the database and can report back on that. Will also contact
Curve. I have filled in the Doodle.



On 24/04/13 14:44, Natacha Cingotti wrote:
> Hi all,
> We haven't been active on lobbyfacts for a while. There was a
> conversation between Timo, Mathilde from TacTech and I at the
> beginning of the year about fixing some issues in relation to the next
> steps of the work of Curve. But somehow, we're blocked on the
> technical aspect of things now it seems.
> We need to find a way to resume the work if we are to be able to
> launch something before June and not lose the work/money/time we have
> invested so far. People at FoE are asking me lots of questions about
> this project at the moment, on whether this is moving on, and where we
> are, and dates for launch that keep being postponed, and on whether
> we're actually going to launch it one day.
> Shall we at least try to have a conversation about it soon, so that we
> can have an overview of what the situation is, where we are blocked,
> what needs to be done and by when for this to go on? We also need to
> figure out whether the data cleaning we did actually was helpful, we
> never discussed this ever again.
> We just had an intern starting in the team, whose time I could book
> (partly) to help us with working on stories, but we need to discuss
> the tech questions before I think.
> I created a doodle, let's see if we can have even half an hour maybe
> still this week.
> http://www.doodle.com/p7c6itupaygx8tkx
> Sunny greetings
> Natacha
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