[EU-lobby-data] feedback for visuals (draft compilation)

Timo Lange timo.lange at lobbycontrol.de
Wed Jan 23 12:52:40 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I've tried to compile the comments that we have so far. Going through
them, I realised that all comments involved quite a large degree of
uncertainty with regards to what we are looking at, what is still to
come, and how the site is supposed to work. The idea to use cards for
every organisation and to have filters to narrow the search (and later
to display registrants from a specific sector only) was agreed. And it
seems to me that we got that all in all. The thing is, that the
Natacha's and Ester's comments as well as mine own and Eriks involve
more questions than definitive answers/feedback. Nonetheless, here is my
draft for a summary:


- colours, typo and general image: OK


- it's hard to give a really qualified, specific feedback without
further info and without being able to navigate through the site

- maybe need more space for organisations description (what is relevant
there?). in general ALL INFO that is in the register should be in
priniciple also be accessable --> maybe hidden at first but one should
be able to access the data

- still pretty unclear what the mobile version is supposed to do and if
we need it at this stage at all

- top-level menu is a bit confusing (Erik)

- filters need to be flexible to amend futher categories in the future

- I (Timo) still would like to have the opportunity to show the rankings
as a simple list (like in Friedrich's pudo version). Not sure if this is
still going to be implemented

- will there be a possibility to mark specific entries (cards) as NOT
RELIABLE in a very eye-catching way? This would also need to be marked
in the database so that people would have the option to display/list
only those entries that seem to be reliable

- What to do with organisations that are not registered but are
mentioned by others? We should create entries for those who are
mentioned by others, but it is important that these entries are not
counted in the total numbers of lobbies registered and it is also
important that we highlight somehow in the entry that they are NOT
registered (red card).

- If you do a search for a specific organisation and this organisation
is not in the register, there should be an automatic message that
informs the user about the non-compulsory nature of the register

- what about historical data? it should be possible to view the history
for each registrant (what did they disclose last year etc.). this should
also be possible for whole categories and lists (which lobby consulancy
had the biggest turnover in 2008? what was the aggregated lobby
expenditure of companies in 2009? how much did the tobacco lobby spend
in 2010? etc. etc.)

Friedrich proposed the use of a ticketing system. I like that idea.
Let's talk about this and the things above in our call in 10 min!

Best regards


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