[okfn-coord] ok2 speaker updates

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Wed Dec 19 12:39:37 UTC 2007

Frank Kelly wrote to say he couldn't make the date and in any case his
engagement with the Tranpsort field was so lapsed that he would want
to learn, rather than to speak. 

He recommended David Newbery who i guess is a colleague of Rufus's
also? http://www.econ.cam.ac.uk/faculty/newbery/ While i like the look
of a lot of his work and the transport/environment/policy angle is
strong, i don't know to what extend he could connect to "openess".

I had an interesting brief chat with Graham Stickler from 1Spatial,
who used to work in transport policy and now does geodata quality
stuff, about the water/electricity/utility planning impact of
transport data sharign policy and the Traffic Management Act and i
would like to get a recommendation out of him

I was *pleasantly* surprised that Sean Gillies replied positively,
Pleiades has someting going with KCL in the Spring so he does have
reason to be in London, he said he'd check out the timing and get back
to me. 

So, that all looks all right though kicking myself for missing Frank K



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