[okfn-coord] [Fwd: COMMUNIA: points of contact / Turin Workshop: do you wish to send a speaker on metadata?]

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Fri Dec 21 11:08:27 UTC 2007

Jonathan Gray wrote:
> Hi,
> Juan Carlos De Martin, co-ordinator of COMMUNIA - the thematic network 
> on the digital public domain, would like to know:

I wonder to what extent these are things that could go on the public 
list. It is always a difficult call but I'm always concerned about the 
danger for private channels to take over from public 'open' ones :)

> 1. How they can help with OKCon.

They could help with organization. They could send a speaker/organize a 
workshop/panel in the open space. They could give us some funds to help 
ships speakers over ...

> 2. How we might proceed in collaborating to build public domain 
> calculators for different EU jurisdictions (as I believe Rufus was 
> working on with the Open Library).

This would be *really* useful and is definitely something we should move 
over to the public discuss list.

> 3. Whether we could send a speaker to the first COMMUNIA workshop in 
> Turin on 18th January.

I'd been meaning to bring this up myself.

Jonathan: if your airfare were paid would you consider going over? I 
could also put you in touch with Prodromos Tsiavos who is going over and 
could hook you up with people and crash space.

> I assume the main things for 1. will be publicity, and (if possible) 
> advice about funding for travel expenses.

Yes. If they could fund someone to go that would be even better.

> For 2. perhaps Juan could forward us a list of those who might 
> potentially be interested in this? Perhaps they could join the 
> okfn-discuss list?

Yes. I'm thinking of phasing out pdb-discuss and moving its work over to 
okfn-discuss / okfn-help so this would make sense.

> Re: 3. I'm guessing we probably can't get a speaker to this. (Are you 
> free Rufus? Jo?)

What about you Jonathan.

> Any thought before I reply would be much appreciated - otherwise I'll 
> proceed to reply along these lines.

Good work.


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