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Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Wed Dec 19 21:55:46 UTC 2007


Juan Carlos De Martin, co-ordinator of COMMUNIA - the thematic network 
on the digital public domain, would like to know:

1. How they can help with OKCon.
2. How we might proceed in collaborating to build public domain 
calculators for different EU jurisdictions (as I believe Rufus was 
working on with the Open Library).
3. Whether we could send a speaker to the first COMMUNIA workshop in 
Turin on 18th January.

I assume the main things for 1. will be publicity, and (if possible) 
advice about funding for travel expenses.

For 2. perhaps Juan could forward us a list of those who might 
potentially be interested in this? Perhaps they could join the 
okfn-discuss list?

Re: 3. I'm guessing we probably can't get a speaker to this. (Are you 
free Rufus? Jo?)

Any thought before I reply would be much appreciated - otherwise I'll 
proceed to reply along these lines.



-------- Original Message --------

The WG's are being formed as we speak.
I will send you the links to the corresponding
mailing lists as soon as they are established.

Regarding your open knowledge conference, how can we help,
besides disseminating the announcement among our members
and on our website?

The "public domain calculator" is a great idea. I am sure
that COMMUNIA members would love to contribute to the project.
How do you recommend to proceed?

Finally, the topic of metadata for open knowledge:
it is a topic of great interest (I speak also as a
computer engineer), which falls clearly within
the (very broad) scope of COMMUNIA.
In particular, the Technology WG.

In this regard, we can certainly wait until the Technology
WG is established (soon), but we can also do something
more specific.

We are in fact organizing the first COMMUNIA Workshop
(Turin, 18.01.2008) on "Technology and the public domain"
and the topic of metadata would be perfect for
the technical program.

Although the program is almost closed,
we would, if you are interested, gladly make space
for an Open Knowledge speaker on that topic.

Workshop web site: http://ws1-2008.communia-project.eu/.

I look forward to hearing from you,
particularly regarding the workshop,
since 18 January is quickly approaching.

Many thanks,

juan carlos

juan carlos de martin

communia - thematic network on the digital public domain / coordinator
NEXA center for internet & society / director

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