[okfn-coord] ok2 speaker updates

Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Thu Dec 20 01:52:54 UTC 2007

This looks great Rufus!

A thought - what about inviting Soren Auer of DBpedia for 'visualisation 
and analysis'? Extracting structured information from DBpedia as a form 
of 'analysis'?

Is this too much of a stretch?


Rufus Pollock wrote:
> For my own part:
>   * I'm working on getting Lisa Petrides of OER commons for the 
> education academia panel.
>   * I've got Fernando Perez of iPython and other python/data stuff 
> confirmed either for a general workshop or a slot on the Tools panel
>   * I'm in talks with Jon Phillips and Aaron Schwartz about one of 
> them coming to talk about OpenLibrary (I don't know whether we'd put 
> them).
> This still leaves us some people short (even if we are just going for 
> 3 per panel rather than 4) but we're getting close ...
> More comments on Jo's update interleaved below.
> ~rufus
> Jonathan Gray wrote:
>> Hi Jo!
>>> Frank Kelly wrote to say he couldn't make the date and in any case his
>>> engagement with the Tranpsort field was so lapsed that he would want
>>> to learn, rather than to speak. 
>> This is a shame...
> Ditto but perhaps to be expected. Is there anyone else in the 
> transport area we could think of asking (perhaps I should ask John 
> Sheridan of OPSI for suggestions).
>>> He recommended David Newbery who i guess is a colleague of Rufus's
>>> also? http://www.econ.cam.ac.uk/faculty/newbery/ While i like the look
>>> of a lot of his work and the transport/environment/policy angle is
>>> strong, i don't know to what extend he could connect to "openess".
>> Interesting. I notice he is/was at the Cambridge-MIT Institute. On a 
>> tangent, I remember coming across some projects related to transport 
>> data sharing there before. [pause] Just looked and found the National 
>> Transport Data Framework and the TIME project:
>>    http://www.cambridge-mit.org/transport/
>> Could it be worth contact anyone from either of these projects? NTDF 
>> in particular? (I don't know much about this area!)
> I know David very well and he is a definitely very expert on transport 
> economics but I am not sure how much he'd have to say on openness 
> specifically (or on the data side of things ...)
>>> I had an interesting brief chat with Graham Stickler from 1Spatial,
>>> who used to work in transport policy and now does geodata quality
>>> stuff, about the water/electricity/utility planning impact of
>>> transport data sharign policy and the Traffic Management Act and i
>>> would like to get a recommendation out of him
>> Great!
> Ditto.
>>> I was *pleasantly* surprised that Sean Gillies replied positively,
>>> Pleiades has someting going with KCL in the Spring so he does have
>>> reason to be in London, he said he'd check out the timing and get back
>>> to me. 
>> Fantastic!
> This is great news. If he'd be able to sync this we could definitely 
> put him on the programme.

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