[okfn-coord] ok2 speaker updates

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Wed Dec 19 16:39:43 UTC 2007

For my own part:

   * I'm working on getting Lisa Petrides of OER commons for the 
education academia panel.
   * I've got Fernando Perez of iPython and other python/data stuff 
confirmed either for a general workshop or a slot on the Tools panel
   * I'm in talks with Jon Phillips and Aaron Schwartz about one of them 
coming to talk about OpenLibrary (I don't know whether we'd put them).

This still leaves us some people short (even if we are just going for 3 
per panel rather than 4) but we're getting close ...

More comments on Jo's update interleaved below.


Jonathan Gray wrote:
> Hi Jo!
>> Frank Kelly wrote to say he couldn't make the date and in any case his
>> engagement with the Tranpsort field was so lapsed that he would want
>> to learn, rather than to speak. 
> This is a shame...

Ditto but perhaps to be expected. Is there anyone else in the transport 
area we could think of asking (perhaps I should ask John Sheridan of 
OPSI for suggestions).

>> He recommended David Newbery who i guess is a colleague of Rufus's
>> also? http://www.econ.cam.ac.uk/faculty/newbery/ While i like the look
>> of a lot of his work and the transport/environment/policy angle is
>> strong, i don't know to what extend he could connect to "openess".
> Interesting. I notice he is/was at the Cambridge-MIT Institute. On a 
> tangent, I remember coming across some projects related to transport 
> data sharing there before. [pause] Just looked and found the National 
> Transport Data Framework and the TIME project:
>    http://www.cambridge-mit.org/transport/
> Could it be worth contact anyone from either of these projects? NTDF in 
> particular? (I don't know much about this area!)

I know David very well and he is a definitely very expert on transport 
economics but I am not sure how much he'd have to say on openness 
specifically (or on the data side of things ...)

>> I had an interesting brief chat with Graham Stickler from 1Spatial,
>> who used to work in transport policy and now does geodata quality
>> stuff, about the water/electricity/utility planning impact of
>> transport data sharign policy and the Traffic Management Act and i
>> would like to get a recommendation out of him
> Great!


>> I was *pleasantly* surprised that Sean Gillies replied positively,
>> Pleiades has someting going with KCL in the Spring so he does have
>> reason to be in London, he said he'd check out the timing and get back
>> to me. 
> Fantastic!

This is great news. If he'd be able to sync this we could definitely put 
him on the programme.

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