[okfn-coord] IMPORTANT (Please read): (Re-) Organizing the OKF

Natasha Phillips natasha.phillips at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 14:55:44 UTC 2007

On 17 Feb 2007, at 14:43, Rufus Pollock wrote:
> This email contains important information about the organization of 
> the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF/OKFN). Please read it thoroughly. 
> I'd also appreciate if you'd reply to the list simply acknowledging 
> that you've read it -- even if you have no comments to make.

Thank you for writing this email Rufus. I can confirm that I've read it 
and concur.

> ### 4. The Board of Directors.
> At present, in reality, I am the only active member of the Board and 
> it meets if at all, very infrequently. This situation should be 
> changed as soon as possible. (Natasha and James, I should explain, are 
> two friends of mine with who I started What is To be Done back in 
> 2003. Given changed circumstances since then both wish, I believe, to 
> resign since they are not to fulfil the role properly).

Yes please. My circumstances are now quite radically different from how 
they were in 2003. In particular, I have been resident in France for 
the last 18 months and shall continue to be henceforward, one way or 
another..... ;)

> #### 4.1 Appointing New Board Members
> The best way to change this situation would be to appoint new board 
> members. I have already spoken with Jo (Walsh) and I believe she would 
> be happy to be appointed. Saul, if you wanted/were willing to become a 
> board member that would also be great. However we should also look to 
> appoint other 'external' (i.e. non-Executive Group) members. To do 
> this I think we need to:
>   a) draft a simple document listing the obligations for a board member
>   b) draw up a shortlist of potential appointees and then ask them to 
> join (obvious possibilities to my mind are Tom Steinberg, who I have 
> already tentatively approached) and John Buckman of Magnatune)

I concur - but don't consider myself competent to help with this!

Thanks to everyone for taking this important project forward. I'm glad 
I could be of help at the start.

Best wishes,


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