[okfn-coord] OK2 planning catchup? less luck with speakers

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Wed Jan 23 09:59:30 UTC 2008

General point: I've just got confirmation from Prodromos that Lisa 
Petrides is on for the Education and Academia panel which means we now 
have our three speakers there, hurrah!

We really need to close out the final main speaker list asap. Total sign 
ups are now at ~60 (which +20 for ourselves and speakers takes us to 
nearly 2/3 capacity already). However we do want to keep promoting 
strongly as I think you need to count on about 1/3 to 1/2 noshows ...

jo at frot.org wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 14, 2008 at 07:22:16PM +0000, Rufus Pollock wrote:


>>> Muki Haklay (http://homepages.ge.ucl.ac.uk/~mhaklay/) at UCL taught
>>> people like Tom Carden, and may have suggestions.
>> I think the last on the list Muki Haklay looks really promising. *Would 
>> you like to email him or shall I*?
> I'd like to hang on until the end of the week on the offchance I do
> hear anything back from Graham Stickler. I'll cc or ping you about it
> then, if that's all right. I like the resonance of the buzzwords there
> on Muki's site, would be worth getting in touch in any case. 

What's happening on this front? I also suddenly thought about whether we 
should try contacting Tom Carden of Stamen to see whether he would be 
around ... However we seem to be getting pretty close to numbers on main 
speakers so we don't need to push it.

>> What do people think? Does anyone have other suggestions? 
> SAGE sounds great but perhaps not for a general audience...

Yes I know. It is a bit difficult as I asked the guy who couldn't come 
for suggestions and he directly cc'd them in for an invite. I'm thinking 
that we might be able to slot them into the open space without too much 
difficulty (it isn't a bit hassle as the guy who is coming is based in 


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