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Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Wed Jun 4 17:43:45 UTC 2008

Just thought I'd let people know that the EU FP7 bid we are a part of 
(WikiDL) has advanced to the next stage - which is great news!

More details below.


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Dear WikiDL participants,

I just got the information that we are invited to the hearing on 17 June
2008 at 16.00 hrs in Luxembourg.
This is good news - we obviously made it into the round of proposals
considered for funding, however, there still is a probability to get
ultimately rejected. I'm currently at the ICT call 3 evaluations in
Brussels and will try to get some more information (regarding our
ranking) tomorrow.
In the attached hearing invitation you find a number of questions we
should very carefully prepare to answer during the hearing.
We also should select four representatives to present those. Please let
me know whether you could possibly come to Luxembourg on the 17th of June.

Kind regards,


Sören Auer, AKSW/Computer Science Dept., University of Leipzig
http://www.informatik.uni-leipzig.de/~auer, Skype: soerenauer

### Attachment call3_hearing_invitation_wikidl.doc converted to plain text:

Subject: Invitation to attend an evaluation hearing relating to the 
following proposal submitted to Call FP7-ICT-2008-3

Proposal Number: 231569

Proposal Acronym: WikiDL

Proposal Title: WikiDL - Participatory Knowledge Rich Digital Libraries 
Harvesting and Harnessing the Intelligence of Communities

Dear Dr. Sören Auer,

As part of the FP7 evaluation process, described in the Rules for 
submission of proposals, and the related evaluation, selection and award 
procedures, representatives of the proposers in all those proposals for 
Integrated Projects or Networks of excellence having passed the required 
thresholds at the first stage of the evaluation are invited to attend 
hearings with the independent experts assisting the European Commission.

Following the outcome of the first stage of the evaluation, I would like 
to invite you and up to a maximum of three additional representatives of 
your consortium to attend a hearing on the above proposal, which was 
submitted by yourself. The scheduling of your hearing is as follows:

Date and time of hearing : 17 June 2008 at 16.00 hrs (Luxembourg time)

Place of hearing : Euroforum, 10 Rue Robert Stumper, Luxembourg

Please note that due to planning constraints, it will not be possible 
for you to change the allocated date or time of your hearing.

The aim of the hearing is to clarify specific aspects of your proposal 
that the experts identified in the first stage of the evaluation. Annex 
I provides a list of the questions/ issues identified in relation to 
your proposal. In addition, Annex II gives some guidelines on your 
participation in such a hearing.

If you are unable, or do not intend to attend the hearing, you may 
submit comments in writing for consideration by the experts. If this is 
the case, written comments must be received by the Commission at the 
latest by 13 June at 17.00 hrs local (Luxembourg) time. Comments should 
be sent by e-mail (attached word document accompanied also by a scanned 
version of the signed copy) to: patricia.manson at ec.europa.eu, with copy 
to infso-evaluation-forms at ec.europa.eu

The submission of written comments, in place of attending the hearing, 
will not prejudice the evaluation of your proposal, but, of course, 
there will not be an opportunity for you to engage in face to face 
discussions with the experts. In your submission, please indicate 
clearly the acronym and number of the proposal concerned and state that 
you will not be attending the hearing. Comments received after the above 
deadline will be disregarded.

Yours sincerely

Patricia MANSON
Head of Unit



Proposal Number: 231569

Proposal Acronym: WikiDL

Proposal Title: WikiDL – Participatory Knowledge Rich Digital Libraries 
Harvesting and Harnessing the Intelligence of Communities

During the hearing, the evaluators would like you to clarify the 
following questions/ issues in relation to the above proposal:

- What are the specific advancements on the state of the art that you 
will deliver with respect to the technologies and methodologies used?

- Which methodologies do you intend to use for user testing? How will 
these support widespread take-up?

- What do you see as the key problems in building trust in the content? 
Can you elaborate on how you will tackle them?

- How will you describe the lifecycle ownership of data generated in the 
TKDL generator?

- What will be the exploitation plan concerning the TKDL generator, 
including the roles and responsibilities of the various partners?

- To what extent are IPR issues supported by legal guidance 
automatically extracted? What is the scope (in geographic coverage) of 
such guidance? And how is this integrated into the envisaged digital 



As part of the FP7 evaluation process, participants of proposals for 
Integrated projects or Networks of excellence that have passed the 
required thresholds at the first stage of the evaluation are invited to 
attend hearings with the independent experts assisting the Commission in 
the evaluation process. Proposal participants should note the following:

1.The discussions at the hearing are based on the proposal as it was 
submitted to the call. They are intended to improve the understanding of 
the independent experts of the proposal but not to modify or improve in 
any way the proposal itself.

2.You will be offered the opportunity to make a brief (two or three 
minute) introduction to the proposal, but it is not intended that the 
hearing will involve a re-presentation of the proposal. The hearing will 
focus on specific questions/issues which the experts have presented 
based on their reading of the proposal, and which have been communicated 
in advance to the proposal co-ordinator. During the hearing the experts 
may also ask supplementary questions which are prompted by the 
proposers’ answers.

3.The duration of the hearing will be 60 minutes maximum

4.It is not necessary that every proposal participant is represented at 
the hearing. The proposal should be represented by a group of up to 4 
persons able to speak for the consortium as a whole and respond to the 
experts’ questions. Normally, the proposal co-ordinator should be 
included in this group.

5.The costs involved in attending the hearing are not refunded by the 
Commission, neither at the time of the hearing, nor later if the 
proposal is agreed as a project.

6.Proposers should plan to arrive 40 minutes in advance of the appointed 
hearing time.

7.Shortly before entering the hearing room, proposers will be informed 
of the names of the persons that constitute the hearing panel. If the 
proposers consider that there may exist a potential conflict of interest 
with respect to any panel member, they should inform the Commission 
official organising the hearing, who will investigate the matter and 
then take any necessary actions to remove the conflict of interest, if 
it is found to exist.

8.If not all of the proposal group have arrived by the appointed time of 
the hearing, the Commission may nevertheless insist that the hearing 
goes ahead with only the persons who have arrived.

9.If the proposal group as a whole arrives too late to be dealt with at 
the appointed time, the Commission will attempt to re-schedule the 
hearing, but is not obliged to ensure a re-scheduled hearing.

10.The working language of the experts is English.

11.Proposers may, if they wish, support the presentation of their 
answers with a maximum of 12 PowerPoint slides. As projection facilities 
cannot be guaranteed, proposers should also bring with them 10 full-size 
paper copies of the slides for the use of the experts.

12.Any additional descriptive material which may be brought by the 
proposers must be taken away again at the end of the hearing.

13.The end of the hearing will end the proposers’ input to the 
evaluation process. No offer to supply further information or material 
can be agreed.

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