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Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Wed Mar 12 11:21:47 UTC 2008

Forwarded email below contains final details re. OKCon at LSE on 
Saturday. Main points to note:

   * Signage should largely be provided by LSE (very useful)

   * We won't have internet access except via their computer

   * A/V: seems pretty reasonable though mics available do *not* have a 
line-out (so maybe we need to think a little about recording)
     * SAUL: what's the situation with the Node.London documentation 
stuff? If it is not happening we better plan to bring some of our own 
recording (video and audio) equipment.

I will send an email to all signups to the event (now over 100) 
confirming everything, giving location etc.


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Subject: Saturday 15 March Booking
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As discussed this afternoon:

Breakout room: This has been changed to D209 on the second floor of
Clement House (charged at the same price as D109) as this room will hold
up to 40 people on chairs with writing arms for 20 and tables and chairs
at the back for 20

AV equipment: My stewards will be along shortly after 0930 to assist you
with logging in to the PC in the room. The teaching desk contains a
networked PC for which we'll give you a guest lecturer log in on the
day. The PC is connected to a ceiling mounted projector, operated by
push buttons from the teaching desk. You can also attach your laptop to
the projection system and we'll provide a lead for this. The built in
mics on the teaching platform will pick up what is said on the teaching
platform and amplify it to the room. There is no recording output or
line out from this system - the AV equipment is built into a sealed desk
unit. Your best option to record the proceedings will be to place your
own recording microphones on the teaching desk.
No AV technical support is available on Saturdays. We will leave printed
instructions for you on how to activate the equipment.

No access to the LSE wireless network is available to external
customers. The only net access will be via the abovementioned
presenter's PC

Signage: This will have the text 'Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon)
2008' and will direct visitors from the entrance of Clement House up to
D602, with signs to direct delegates to the breakout room D209. My
stewards will put this up first thing so that it is ready for your
delegates when they arrive.

The stewards are on duty until 1115 in the Reception of the Main
Building on Houghton Street, in case you have any questions for them.

We will leave tables in the room to allow for a registration table on
the corner of the lift lobby area on the sixth floor (no tables are
allowed outside D602)

Please contact me if you have any questions relating to your booking.


Daniel Print
LSE Event Services

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