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Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Tue Mar 11 15:51:42 UTC 2008

I recently noticed that Eduserv might sponsor OKCon. I got in touch and 
they've said that it is unfortunately too late for this year, but that 
we should definitely apply next year!


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Subject: 	RE: Event sponsorship?
Date: 	Mon, 10 Mar 2008 16:27:14 -0000
From: 	Andy Powell <andy.powell at eduserv.org.uk>
To: 	Jonathan Gray <jonathan.gray at okfn.org>, <foundation at eduserv.org.uk>
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In principle we are willing to sponsor this kind of event but on this
occasion our internal proceedures for making a decision have failed us,
in part due to other pressures on time and so on.

So, I'm going to say no this time.

Give us a little more warning next time (next year?) and we will
definitely give it serious consideration.


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> To: foundation at eduserv.org.uk
> Subject: Event sponsorship?
> Dear Sir or Madam,
> I was just looking on the Eduserv site, and I just noticed 
> that you occasionally sponsor events of relevance to the 
> effective use of ICT in the UK education community.
> I know its probably rather late in the day, but I wondered 
> whether you might be interested in part sponsoring our annual 
> Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon). You may have noticed 
> circulars on several JISC or other UK educational mailing 
> lists. It will take place at LSE in March.
> As you may know, 'Open Knowledge' is any material that anyone 
> is free to access, reuse and redistribute. I noticed with 
> great interest that last year you sponsored Creative Commons 
> and Wikimedia activities. We have extensive contact with CC 
> and Wikimedia both in the UK and internationally - and have 
> worked with them both on areas of common interest.
> In addition to a dedicated 'Education and Academia' session, 
> we'll have many representatives from across the board in UK 
> education - from primary to higher. Many of the technologies 
> being presented have direct relevance to the education 
> community in the UK.
> I have included a copy of the OKCon announcement to the end 
> of this message for your perusal - which includes relevant URLs.
> Thank you for your time, and please don't hesitate to get in 
> touch if there's anything else I can tell you about the event!
> Regards,
> Jonathan Gray
> Operations Manager
> The Open Knowledge Foundation
> -------
> # OKCon 2008 - 'Applications and Services'
> # London School of Economics
> # 15th March 2008
> # home: <http://www.okfn.org/okcon/>
> # wiki: <http://www.okfn.org/wiki/okcon2008/>
> In the past few years we've witnessed the rise of web-based 
> services - from social networking sites to online spreadsheet 
> packages. While we have definitions for open software and 
> open knowledge, what is an open service? What kinds of new 
> services can be built using open knowledge?
> We've seen the growth of successful open knowledge projects - 
> from peer reviewed journals to community edited 
> encyclopaedias - but what impact can open licensing have in 
> education, research and commerce? Does open licensing have 
> benefits for researchers? Is sharing the key to scaling?
> What kinds of business models are available to open knowledge 
> distributors? How is open knowledge applied in different 
> institutional and professional contexts?
> There now exists a vast amount of open content and data. What 
> tools are avaiable to analyse and represent this wealth of 
> material? How can we sort, search, store it to increase its 
> availability and visibility?
> The second Open Knowledge conference will bring together 
> individuals and groups from across the open knowledge 
> spectrum for a day of seminars and workshops around the theme 
> of 'Applications and Services'. Three main sessions will 
> focus on 'Transport and Environment', 'Visualization and 
> Analysis' and 'Education'.
> We are currently welcoming submissions and suggestions. If 
> you are interested in giving a paper, facilitating or 
> otherwise helping out, please contact info [at] okfn [dot] 
> org. We also encourage early registration as space is limited!

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