[okfn-coord] COMMUNIA March Workshop application

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Tue Sep 2 12:18:39 UTC 2008

On 01/09/08 21:14, Jonathan Gray wrote:
> I've put up a provisional draft/notes on the board wiki (with usual 
> password).
>    http://okfn.org/board/wiki/MarchWorkshop
> Definitely needs a tighter focus. There's plenty of food for 
> thought/discussion!

There certainly is :) My problem is that I'm leaving early thursday for 
an academic conference (until saturday) and am pretty busy 
today/tomorrow as it is. I'll definitely try to take as good as I can 

> Can anyone make an IRC meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) evening to talk this over?

Would it not make more sense just to have this before tomorrow's main 
meeting rather than have something separate today? In particular why 
don't we meet at 1830 or even 1800 on irc for a 1/2 or 1 hr chat about 
the COMMUNIA proposal followed by the main OKF irc meeting.



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