[okfn-coord] COMMUNIA March Workshop application

Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Tue Sep 2 12:31:34 UTC 2008

Perhaps as Pro is free tonight we can have a brief discussion about how 
this will work logistically with LSE and discuss the theme.

I can then re-draft tomorrow in time for a short discussion with Rufus, 
and Pro again if he can make it, before the meeting tomorrow?

Does this sound alright?


Rufus Pollock wrote:
> On 01/09/08 21:14, Jonathan Gray wrote:
>> I've put up a provisional draft/notes on the board wiki (with usual 
>> password).
>>    http://okfn.org/board/wiki/MarchWorkshop
>> Definitely needs a tighter focus. There's plenty of food for 
>> thought/discussion!
> There certainly is :) My problem is that I'm leaving early thursday 
> for an academic conference (until saturday) and am pretty busy 
> today/tomorrow as it is. I'll definitely try to take as good as I can 
> though.
>> Can anyone make an IRC meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) evening to talk 
>> this over?
> Would it not make more sense just to have this before tomorrow's main 
> meeting rather than have something separate today? In particular why 
> don't we meet at 1830 or even 1800 on irc for a 1/2 or 1 hr chat about 
> the COMMUNIA proposal followed by the main OKF irc meeting.
> [snip]
> ~rufus

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