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Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Tue Jan 6 13:43:27 UTC 2009

Just to say - the OKF is joining an FP7 proposal, with a consortium of
other European institutions. Brief description from Severine

<quote>Its objective would be to build an institutional system for the
intellectual commons. The project will be about IPR, commons, public
domain, and governance. I thought about you for the PD calculators and
more generally for your input on intellectual commons.</quote>

There's a 40 page draft proposal document attached.

I'm going to draft details of the OKF to go with the application later
today. Is anyone interested in being on it?

Rufus: is it alright if I include you? Or might you go on in your
capacity as an economist at Cambridge instead?

Jordan: is this of any interest to you?


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From: Severine Dusollier <severine.dusollier at fundp.ac.be>
Date: Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 5:36 PM
Subject: INDECS proposal and checklist
To: Jonathan Gray <jonathan.gray at okfn.org>
Cc: Maria Jose Iglesias Portella <maria-jose.iglesias at fundp.ac.be>

dear Jonathan

You will find attached the current status of our proposal for the
project INDECS.
We will need from you the following input:
1.  read carefully the proposal:
- any comments (positive (yes) or negative) will be welcome
2. description of your entity, comprising
- a brief description of the legal entity
- previous experience relevant to the project (indicate what projects
or expertise your organisation has in IP, commons, public domain or
institutional matters)
- short profile of staff members who will be undertaking the work
maximum 0,75 page (as we will have to complete it with your main
tasks, the whole being limited to 1 page)
3. the PIC number of your legal organisation : the PIC number is the
Partner Identification Code used by the EC. If you were already
involved in one EC-funded project (under the FP7 I think), you have
one PIC
If you have no PIC or cannot find it, please give us :
- the status of your organisation (non-profit organisation, public
body, research organisation, or higher education establishment)
- method of determining indirect costs ( either actual indirect cost,
actual indirect cost calculated using a simplified method, a standard
flat rate of 20%, transitional flat-rate (p.t. 60%), lump sum (only
for icpc)
For your information, the higher education establishment can benefit
from a 60% flat rate (but verify that in your administrative
4. fill in the form A2 on the EPSS website:  https://www.epss-fp7.org
(go on the A forms part and fill in yours)
Partner username      : 7E9J2MJNDC
Partner password      : 4321indecs
5. To be able to design the budget, could you provide us with the cost
of one man-month applicable to the type of person who will work for
the project

If you have any questions, contact Maria or me by email, or by phone
at +32 81 725814. (my mobile is +32 497 081449)
The time is very short as we need to complete everything by next
Monday and there is still a lot of work to do. SO please provide us
with the last inputs by Wednesday at the latest.
Thanks a lot
Séverine and Maria


Professor at the University of Namur
Director of research at the Research Center in IT and Law (CRID)
Rempart de la Vierge 5          Tél: +32 81 72 47 60
5000 NAMUR                  Fax: +32 81 72 52 02
BELGIUM                             severine.dusollier at fundp.ac.be
The publications of Severine Dusollier are available at :
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