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Becky Hogge becky.hogge at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 09:20:05 UTC 2009


I absolutely love this idea.

What do you think it needs before we try and take it to the Cultural
Olympiad folks:

-more Board support?
-an idea of the technical work needed (if any) to make the Open
Shakespeare DB perform the way we want it for LetsPerform.com?
-a better name?
-a video of some sample scenes?

Let me know - I'm very willing to pitch in on this one, if that's helpful.



2009/6/24 paula le dieu <paula at ledieu.org>:
> Hi Funding Gang,
> I am very keen to pursue an idea I was kicking around a few months ago -
> which I am just calling Open Performance for the moment.
> Just a reminder of the idea (this is rough and nasty and very prosaic but
> hopefully you get the idea):
> All the world's a stage,
> And all the men and women merely players
> As part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad program, Shakespeare has been given
> major project status -
> http://www.london2012.com/get-involved/cultural-olympiad/projects/world-shakespeare-festival.php
> Strikingly absent from the project are any opportunities for the public to
> give their own voice to Shakespeare's work. Open Performance would therefore
> be the public layer of the project.
> The public would come to OpenShakespeare.org/LetsPerform (or something
> hopefully considerably less naff) and be presented with a very simply
> interface that lets them enter either a preferred scene or to enter
> attributes such as how many actors they have available, gender of actors
> (including don't care!) and the type of scene they are interested in
> (fight/love/political etc) and we would spit out suggested scenes for them.
> They would then be encouraged to take the scene and go and perform it and
> capture it on video. They would then upload the video to a collection site
> where they can tag it up with all sorts of attributes. Over time we would be
> able to do things like link together scenes to have entire plays in a
> patchwork of British performers. But ultimately the idea is to create a
> library of Open Shakespeare performance.
> OK that is the kernal of the idea - very simple in concept a bit trickier in
> realisation but all doable I think. I have had no contact with the Cultural
> Olympiad folks as yet so this may not come to anything but I figure it is
> worth a try.
> Obviously lots of details to be worked out but wanted to share this with you
> before I start talking about it in wider circles. Please let me know what
> you think. I have posted to the OpenShakespeare wiki some feature ideas
> around text segmentation based on scene and scene attributes like number of
> characters etc.
> Regards
> Paula
> ps. haven't put this on discuss for the moment but only because I am
> slightly concerned about it getting to the cultural olympiad folks before it
> feels coherent.
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