[okfn-coord] Estimate for work funded by Open Society Institute?

Jordan S Hatcher jordan at opencontentlawyer.com
Tue Nov 17 09:04:59 UTC 2009

On 13 Nov 2009, at 15:48, Jonathan Gray wrote:

> We need to get back to OSI by mid next week with a budget estimate for
> some work. Would greatly appreciate '+1s' or suggestions on this from
> the board.
> I just spoke to Helen Darbishire at Access Info about collaborating on
> a report funded by OSI. The report will look to provide background on
> the FOI and open government data movements - and will recommend ways
> to better connect the two. Ultimately it will lay the ground for
> further OSI funding and activity in this area. Very exciting!

Sounds like an awesome project!
> OSI have provisionally accepted Helen's proposal and it looks like
> they are willing to extend the budget so the OKF can co-author the
> report with Access Info (rather than previous proposal to just review
> it).

> The existing budget is as follows. Should we just ask OSI to match
> what Access Info are asking for or ask for more? (My inclination is to
> ask them to match what Access Info are asking for.)

I'm a little unclear -- are you saying that we should suggest something along the lines of the below figures for us to co-author?  Seems like a high bid all together, but something close to that works for me. A few comments below:

> Access Info and Consultants for Scoping Paper
> Helen Darbishire, Access Info Executive Director, 15 days @ €350.00 = €5,250.00
> Access Info research staff/consultant - 15 days @ €200.00 = €3,000.00

Is there really 30 days of work in this project for us?  

Also, their rates seem pretty low to me, even for non-profit work.

> Organisation XX review of paper and provide comments €1,000.00 = €1,000.00
> Organisation XX review of paper and provide comments  €1,000.00 = €1,000.00

We don't need to include paying someone else to review the work into our costs, so it looks like we should reduce ours by 2k.

> Access Info telecoms costs and office costs (based on day rate of €27
> per day for short-term projects) for 30 days of research €27.00 =
> €810.00

I'm not a big fan of setting fixed costs this way -- I think that they're better inside the day rate.  But if we match their day rate we may need to consider doing something similar.


> Total = €11,060.00
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