[okfn-coord] Fwd: notes from Open Innovation meeting (JISC call)

Jordan S Hatcher jordan at opencontentlawyer.com
Thu Apr 8 16:58:04 UTC 2010

Hi Jo

On 8 Apr 2010, at 17:26, Jo Walsh wrote:

> dear all,
> An update on this. The IDEA Lab led proposal didn't make it through University internal selection, on the grounds it was more ambitious than the funding/scope allowed (true) and didn't fit the Open Innovation strand (arguable).

Thanks for the update.

> The proposal that was accepted for further work didn't seem that strong TBH. However it is a cross-Scottish University network with strong business connections already. I spoke with Siobhan Jordan from http://www.interface-online.org.uk/ earlier today, she was asking would OKF still like to be involved and if so how.
> She's suggesting amorphous engagement stuff, "offering our best practises", steering committee, advice on openess of project outputs.
> Which are also rather diffuse - an iPhone application! podcasts! Topic maps! - and now as ambitious as the IDEAlab proposal and including some of the same people and projects.

True, the amorphous / steering group isn't as meaty as being directly involved in a project.  I've done a few of these myself (and have even pulled in other members of this board as steering committee members into my funded projects).  IMO they are great to do as:

* it pays, though not much.
* we'll get the fact that we were in a JISC funded project on the OKF's CV, which will help us get other projects (from JISC and elsewhere)
* you make solid connections with the other people in the project (both the other project developers and any community participants), which helps for future projects
* and as a steering committee / advice person, you don't actually have to do much.  And you get paid for it.  Usually you end up attending a few meetings and reviewing some documents, but often that may be about it.

> This "Business and Community Engagement" scene gives me prickles on the back of my neck TBH. Hopefully I'll catch Jonny's Skype talk with David Flanders from JISC tomorrow, and should drop Siobhan a note tomorrow.
> I guess, perhaps we shouldn't say no, but I'll be surprised if what I've seen turns into a funded project. Deadline is 19/04, which is nuts.
> I'm working on one JISC proposal at EDINA due the day after, and I've just had another one dumped on me to "nursemaid". *bangs head on desk repeatedly*

My suggested approach is that if someone else is putting together the proposal and all we have to do is provide bios and a background to the OKF, then go for it as it doesn't cost us much time at all.  If you need someone to help with that, I'll volunteer.

If it involves actually writing the proposal, it's too close and we should just gracefully decline now.



> any thoughts apprec, 	jo

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