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Mon Jan 4 12:59:38 UTC 2010

I'm easy with either option here. I do think it is crucial that we do
have an official OKF Germany person/chapter to whom we can point
people and am a little concerned by confusion if Open Data Network
becomes that without any rebranding. One option:

* Have official OKF Germany person (e.g. Daniel)
* Have organizations affiliated to OKF Germany chapter (e.g. Open Data Network)


2009/12/15 Jonathan Gray <jonathan.gray at okfn.org>:
> Hi all,
> Just a quick question for Board. As you know, we're now working with
> the Open Data Network in Germany to set up an OKF Germany Group. We
> are currently at the stage where we should decide ASAP how to take
> this forward in terms of legal organisations. The two main choices
> are:
>  (1) Keep Open Data Network as affiliate/partner, and perhaps OKF's
> official representative in Germany
>  (2) Turn Open Data Network into a subsidary of OKF. Perhaps keeping
> brand Open Data Network name/website, but effectively child
> organisation to OKF.
> Hard to second guess what the German organisation want. They say they
> have little preference either way. They've said they'd be very proud
> to be officially part of OKF (they are new at 3 months, and think
> being part of OKF would make a lot of sense). But I think it would be
> a waste to lose their existing brand, website and so on.
> I think we should go with (2) if at all possible - i.e. turn Open Data
> Network into part of OKF with its own local 'brand'. Then, it will be
> easier to sign off, e.g. EU travel expenses and suchlike, as well as
> take on contract work in Germany. In particular we are currently
> looking at doing a German version of CKAN - and there will be funding
> to pay for this. Realistically core OKF people will probably have to
> work on this (Rufus, David, other future developers from our end).
> If we go with (2) what are legal implications/overhead?
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