[okfn-coord] Next Board Meeting: Tuesday January 19th @ 1830 GMT

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Sat Jan 16 01:56:36 UTC 2010

This is the advance notice of our next board meeting which takes place
next Tuesday (19th).

Details and agenda are on board wiki (partially excerpted below).


Please add to it as required. I have also included actions from last
meeting below. Martin and I will ensure that updated accounts are
available by close of play Monday.



PS: we are still seeking a decision on a conference call provider and
so for this meeting at least we are still with the old number

=== Actions ===

 * ACTION: BH and JG to liaise on minutes publication. BH to make sure
names are clearer in the minutes.
 * ACTION: RP to seek written agreement from lead contractors with
regard to timing for invoice settlements in the future.
 * ACTION: BH, MK and RP to work through budget projections and other
organisational issues and bring proposals to Board list before the end
of the year.
 * ACTION: RP to investigate further
 * ACTION: JH to seek legal advice by asking for libel specialists on
the ORG-Law list.
 * ACTION: JC to investigate paid options for conference call.
 * ACTION: JG to follow up

= Board Meeting: 2010-01-19 =

== Time + Place ==

  * 1830 by phone on:
    * Phone: 0844 8 360 360 (http://www.conferencegenie.co.uk/pricing.php)
    * Code: 810279
  * irc (backup): #okfnboard on irc.oftc.net
    * if you have problems getting on to call ping there ...

== Agenda ==

  * Approval of minutes from last meeting: [[BoardMeetings/2009-12-15]]
  * [[CompanyAccounts|Finances + Annual Accounts]]
  * WDMMG + 4IP update
  * FOAF/Who Knows Who - and general procedure for taking on projects
  * community.okfn.org
  * Next board meeting
  * AOB

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