[foundation-board] Engaging a PA/Admin Assistant: Nearing a Decision

jo at frot.org jo at frot.org
Thu Jul 15 13:27:54 UTC 2010

dear all,

On 12/07/2010 11:45, Rufus Pollock wrote:
> 1. On the JISC open bibliography: proceed on the basis that for the
> area in which I am directly engaged (the project management) I shall
> be solely responsible. Should I wish to donate monies to the OKF or
> otherwise that will be my perogative. Obviously the OKF is also a
> partner on this project (JISC speak for someone giving (free)
> resources to the project -- not indicating administrative or financial
> responsibility) but given that the OKF is providing material pro-bono
> the project I do not see any great problem here -- please correct me
> if i am wrong.

If you're going through the same process as me (managing an EDINA
project funded by JISC under the same call), then you're likely meant to
create  several posts detailing the budget, contributions and staff  
roles here:

I'd be happy to see this overview, as it's some time since i
looked at the draft proposal document and original budget.

> 2. On the PA/Admin Assistant: we remove this entirely from the OKF
> remit by proceeding on the basis that I personally will engage and pay
> for this person for the next 6 months. They will probably spend most
> of their time on OKF matters but no compensation from the OKF will be
> expected. At the end (or even during) this period the board can
> re-examine this matter and decide on what basis they wish to proceed
> (I can obviously recuse myself from participation in this decision if
> that is thought necessary).

If the general feeling that to do otherwise is a problem (which was
*not* the impression i got from the last board conference call) then
this seems like a decent compromise.

If this happened then in essence Rufus would be donating in kind (as a
PA's time) to the Foundation. Are there tax / reporting implications there?

FWIW i liked the sound of the first person, who had read up and asked
pertinent questions, had active responsibility for budgets and accounts,
and had a record of longer stints in one job.

To re-tread a little bit - the problem is not *in principle* that of OKF
sub-contracting a PA from Rufus, or the other way round, but the problem
is just the handling of the interviews without total regard to
employment law? Putting this aside, would there otherwise be legal or
ethical problems with OKF and Rufus both employing the same part-time
person (however it is handled contractually)?



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