[foundation-board] New community person at OKF?

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Sun May 30 19:20:48 UTC 2010

On 30 May 2010 18:32, Jonathan Gray <jonathan.gray at okfn.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've recently been speaking to someone called Stefanie Doll [1] about
> doing a day week with the OKF, on the recommendation of a friend who
> does 'digital strategy' type stuff for German politicians [2]. She was


> Rufus and I calculated that we should be able to pay her from the
> budget allocated to the Open Society Institute work. This would be €10
> per hour for ~8 hours (1 day) per week.

We can definitely find this budget, at least for, say, the next 6
months. I would even suggest that if she is promising that it may be
worth thinking about engaging her for more time than this (especially
if it can reduce burden on you).

BTW, we are working to update this forecast document prepared by
martin and becky 6 months ago (with budget info for specific


This should give the board better ability to plan going forward.



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