[foundation-board] Next Board meeting...?

Becky Hogge becky.hogge at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 13:25:49 UTC 2011

On 12 September 2011 11:10, Jason Kitcat <jason.kitcat at okfn.org> wrote:
> Hi Becky
> On 12 Sep 2011, at 09:09, Becky Hogge wrote:
>> Is the next Board meeting taking place tomorrow, per the OKF calendar?
>> I see nothing on the Board wiki and no preparatory materials sent to
>> this list. Jason, I thought it was your responsibility to circulate
>> materials etc ahead of Board meetings...?
> This is my bad.
> Given the number of bid documents we need to complete at the moment I'd like to propose moving the meeting to Tuesday 27th September at 19:00 UK time.
> I know Rufus can do that day - would this be ok for others?

The next Tuesday I have free is 11 October. Dates for board meetings
are generally set significantly in advance in order to manage the fact
that Board members have very busy diaries. Although I appreciate that
there is now no value in holding the meeting tomorrow given how little
preparation has been done, I would appreciate it if meeting dates are
not shifted around at the last minute in future.

Jason: Paula has been providing meeting space at her offices at the
bfi, and we have been endeavouring to meet face to face on a quarterly
basis, although inevitably we do end up with people dialling in. The
details of the conference bridge we have been using are on the Board
wiki (phone, not Skype). It would appear that you are not properly
briefed on Board meetings - I'm happy to fill you in if you have time
for a call on Wednesday.

I'm happy to sit out the next Board meeting if the Board is quorate
for 27th September, although it is James with whom I have plans that
night, so that's another Board member who probably can't attend.



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