[foundation-board] Agenda for board meeting, 20th March

Laura James laura.james at okfn.org
Tue Mar 13 15:45:07 UTC 2012

I have not received any agenda items to date, so I propose the following

We have 90 minutes for the meeting; I recommend that any items which
threaten to cause the agenda to overrun should be carried over and separate
meetings scheduled with the whole of the board, or just interested parties,
to address those specific items.

I attach a full zipped board pack containing all papers, agenda, reports
etc including those previously sent out and new papers which go with the
agenda here. The board pack is also attached in the board wiki. Apologies
for the amount of documentation  for this meeting as we catch up.

1. Introductions and apologies
          Introduction of Marcus Dapp, new Foundation Coordinator (via
phone), as observer to board meeting
2. Approval of minutes from previous meeting (attached - both full notes
for reference, and redacted for publication version for approval)
3. Review of actions from last meeting
4. Review of management accounts (see documents previously circulated,
including Finances section of FC Report for narrative)

5. Review of Chapter application status and question of any board
representation for accepted Chapters (see FC Report section on Chapters &
local groups for background) - LJ

6. Discussion of Foundation Coordinator requests (from FC report):
      a)  Naomi Lillie to be given access to online and phone banking to
make payments
      b) Foundation Coordinators to be set target to create role
descriptions for all contractors and to review pay rates, both to be
implemented before end 2012
      c) FCs to be authorised to determine OKFN policies around billed
time, varied day rates for projects, expenses, travel, and be authorised to
enforce following of this policy
      d) Request that the board consider creation of a renumeration
      e) Confirmation that board will set aside a day for strategic
development activity and that Laura & Marcus should lead this work

7. Brief update on selection of new legal advisor - LJ

8. Discussion of corporation tax situation and review of draft annual
accounts (draft accounts attached as "2011 account.pdf"; paper attached as
"OKFN Annual Accounts.pdf"). - LJ

9. Brief update on OKFN strategic planning - LJ

A strong strategy is needed to guide work in all areas, including hiring,
bidding for new projects and grants, acceptance of awarded grants, use of
core funds, etc.  Marcus and I propose to lead a process to develop such a
strategy in cooperation with stakeholders including the board and others.
This overall OKFN strategy will steer and contribute to strategy for areas
of work such as CKAN and OpenSpending, Chapter growth, and so on.

a)     We ask the board to be ready to contribute a day for a board
strategy workshop in the coming months (to be scheduled after the board

b)     We would like any board members particularly interested in the
strategy to let us know so we can work with you more closely

c)     We would like the board to agree to the executive team dedicating
time to this in the near term as a priority, which may mean that other
activities such as management of individual projects, conversion of
contractors to employees, process improvements, etc, are put on hold or
done to a very basic level for this period. This will ensure the strategy
is developed as quickly as possible whilst maintaining basic operational
management at a level similar to that offered during the first 2 months of

d)     Suggestions of avenues of exploration for strategy work,
stakeholders that should be consulted, etc, would be welcomed both in the
board meeting and separately.

 This item should be a short discussion and if there is much interest, I
propose that those who wish to contribute in more depth let me know at the
board meeting or soon thereafter and I will schedule a separate meeting for
fuller discussion.

10. Data.gov.uk <http://data.gov.uk/> update (in response to Will Waites

11. AOB

12. Close.


Dr Laura James
Foundation Coordinator, Open Knowledge Foundation

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