[foundation-board] Informal notes and actions from yesterday's OKFN board meeting

Laura James laura.james at okfn.org
Wed May 16 09:24:05 UTC 2012


Please find informal notes from yesterday's meeting on the board wiki:
http://board.okfn.org/BoardMeetings/2012-05-15  Feel free to make any
alterations if I have captured things incorrectly.

Actions are listed below.

Best regards,


Incomplete actions from December 2011 board meeting

   - [LJ with support from JK] Preparation / examination of employeeing
   people (what processes would be required, how it would affect costs
   long-term, who would be interested / eligible) including legal obligations
   (eg maternity, sickness, pensions, greivance procedures etc would all need
   to be considered)

Incomplete actions from March 2012 board meeting

   - [LJ] Ensure we have a paper filing system that meets our needs
   - [LJ] Explore payment and purchasing options to address various
   challenges (not high priority)
   - [RP] Arrange removal of JH from bank account and any necessary

New actions from May 2012 board meeting

   - [LJ] Provide financial forecast model (estimated early June)
   - [LJ] Circulate response from Swiss local group to board feedback on
   - [RP] Write document outlining the how/what/why of Chapters. kat and
   CHapters and local groups to be engaged so that the question "why do people
   want to become chapters" can be answered.
   - [JC] Talk to Jordan about chapter issues and determine if JH wishes to
   veto the motion approved around Swiss and Belgian chapters.
   - [LJ] if Jordan does not veto, move to get signatures on MOU for
   Switzerland and Belgium
   - [MK] Engage with executive team and push forwards to a chapter
   strategy or plan to deliver the same, in the next 2 weeks. RP to assist.

   [LJ] Clarify situation around Austrian chapter & inform board
   - [LJ] Ensure Finnish local group question is addressed once chapter
   strategy or plan has progressed
   - [LJ/MD] revise strategy plan in light of board feedback
   - [LJ/RP/MD] Begin execution of strategy plan with announcement to
   community before 18th may


Dr Laura James
Foundation Coordinator, Open Knowledge Foundation

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