[foundation-board] Informal notes and actions from yesterday's OKFN board meeting

Jordan S Hatcher jordan at opencontentlawyer.com
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On 16 May 2012, at 10:24, Laura James wrote:

> Board, 
> Please find informal notes from yesterday's meeting on the board wiki:  http://board.okfn.org/BoardMeetings/2012-05-15  Feel free to make any alterations if I have captured things incorrectly. 
> Actions are listed below.
> Best regards, 
> Laura
> Incomplete actions from December 2011 board meeting
> [LJ with support from JK] Preparation / examination of employeeing people (what processes would be required, how it would affect costs long-term, who would be interested / eligible) including legal obligations (eg maternity, sickness, pensions, greivance procedures etc would all need to be considered)
> Incomplete actions from March 2012 board meeting
> [LJ] Ensure we have a paper filing system that meets our needs
> [LJ] Explore payment and purchasing options to address various challenges (not high priority)
> [RP] Arrange removal of JH from bank account and any necessary replacement
Please let me know what I need to do to help facilitate this.

> New actions from May 2012 board meeting
> [LJ] Provide financial forecast model (estimated early June)
> [LJ] Circulate response from Swiss local group to board feedback on application
> [RP] Write document outlining the how/what/why of Chapters. kat and CHapters and local groups to be engaged so that the question "why do people want to become chapters" can be answered.
> [JC] Talk to Jordan about chapter issues and determine if JH wishes to veto the motion approved around Swiss and Belgian chapters.
> [LJ] if Jordan does not veto, move to get signatures on MOU for Switzerland and Belgium
Just to be clear, I don't have a veto power (at least not one that I was aware).  If the board has a majority without me, there is still a majority to sign the MoU. If there are specific legal questions, Francis may be able to help advise.

> [MK] Engage with executive team and push forwards to a chapter strategy or plan to deliver the same, in the next 2 weeks. RP to assist.
> [LJ] Clarify situation around Austrian chapter & inform board
> [LJ] Ensure Finnish local group question is addressed once chapter strategy or plan has progressed
I'm really struggling to see how a joint CC/OKFN/Wikipedia organisation will end up anything but a mess, particularly as CC and OKFN have had conflicting positions in the past. I'm just one board member, so everyone can feel free to overrule me, but just as FYI when pulling together the strategy that I'll take some convincing to support such a position (if that is what is recommended).  I'd be happy to have a separate chat about my concerns as this document is developed.


> [LJ/MD] revise strategy plan in light of board feedback
> [LJ/RP/MD] Begin execution of strategy plan with announcement to community before 18th may
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