[foundation-board] Swiss chapter application update

Laura James laura.james at okfn.org
Thu May 17 10:51:00 UTC 2012

As below, from 2 emails from Hannes and his team, sent in response to the
board's feedback and questions on list. I hope this helps with the Swiss
chapter application consideration and await the outcome of James's
discussion with Jordan on this point (action item from board meeting)

* Regarding the question of naming our organisation: as discussed with
Rufus we propose to add "Swiss Chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation" to
our name, as a subtitle or in similar fashion. I just asked our graphic
designer to make some proposals on how this is to be represented visually.

* Regarding data vs. knowledge: I'm fully aware of the semantic debate
around these terms and would even dare to declare there to be no such thing
as "knowledge" - but let's leave philosophy aside: yes, we intend to cover
a broad range of topics, from "pure data" to science, culture (our
president e.g recently founded a Digital Heritage Commission in another
context) and beyond.

* Regarding clauses 6 and 7: the intention there is to find a reasonable
balance between joining forces and keeping independence. In my opinion you
(a) always remain in control of your brand by virtue of Clause 8 and (b)
we, as a volunteer organisation, a can not be but subordinates. But I'll
check with the author of those clauses, Christian Laux, and will get back
to you very soon.


Our legal advisor Christian Laux changed the language in the Google
document to hopefully improve the points in question:

- Clause 6: replaced "consideration"
- Clause 7: refers to new Clause 8
- Clause 8: introduced, to make clear that OKFN at all times keep control
over its trademarks

I think it might be best to clarify the remaining open points in a
phone/Skype call, that's probably much more efficient in order to root out
any misunderstandings etc?
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