[foundation-board] Strategy Brief November 2012

Marcus M. Dapp (OKF) marcus.dapp at okfn.org
Thu Nov 29 14:40:09 UTC 2012

Dear board members,

this is the second mailing to update you on parts of our work regarding
direction and strategy.
You will find three documents in the attached zip file.

*1) Seven Strategic Options for OKFN*
This document is the main output of the 4d executive team's strategy
retreat in October. The team came up with
a list of seven potential future directions for the OKFN that we think are
plausible and implementable based on
rough business modeling we did. We are looking forward discussing them with
you at the board meeting.

We held four online discussion rounds with smaller groups of staff to
receive a first batch of feedback, comments,
and ideas. The feedback was consolidated and also integrated into the
document - in blue color.

*2) Goals Management Retreat December 2012*
Right after the next board meeting, we will have the first retreat with the
new team of 5 people leading the newly
established org units. This very short document just gives you an idea of
the goals we set for the retreat.

*3) OKFN Meeting Cycle*
This is a write-up of a team session we had post-OKFestival. It lays out
the flow of larger meetings the OKFN
wants to run during a typical year incl. information about the positioning
of each meeting, target groups, etc.

If you have feedback/comments on any of the documents sent over, please let
us know! Thank you.

With kind regards,
Laura, Jonathan, Rufus, Marcus

Dr Marcus M Dapp

Open Knowledge Foundation
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