[foundation-board] Notes from OKF board meeting & new board meeting schedule

Laura James laura.james at okfn.org
Thu Mar 14 12:26:52 UTC 2013

Attached, please find the informal notes from this week's board meeting,

As agreed at the meeting, board meetings will henceforth take place every 2
months and you should all have received a calendar invitation.

We have also added a slot for the alternate months for informal discussions
which may be useful for strategy development in particular - this is not a
formal board meeting but an opportunity for board members (if they can
spare the time) and the executive leadership of the OKF to discuss issues
together on a more frequent basis if they wish.

If you have anything to add to the notes please do on the online copy:


I also attach the draft minutes which will be reviewed at the next meeting.

Best regards,



Dr Laura James

Open Knowledge Foundation
*Promoting Open Knowledge in a Digital Age*
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