[foundation-board] MOTION: Trademarks for the OKF

Laura James laura.james at okfn.org
Tue Mar 19 21:41:41 UTC 2013

I would like to place the following motion before the board, and request
that you each respond to approve or reject the motion.

*Motion placed before the board:*
That the OKF should undertake to register a set of seven trademarks (listed
below) using Charles Russell as agent.


As directed by the board, I have been pursuing further quotations for
trademark work, to compare with the existing quote from AZRights.

Charles Russell have been the most responsive and have provided detailed
and useful feedback (around expected classes, for example) on the proposed
marks. The quote is also an improvement on that from AZRights.

To file across EU27, with both an initial filing and the work needed to
take through to final registration (all being well), for the following
marks, the cost will be around £11,200.

OKF, OKFN, Open Knowledge Foundation  (each in 5 classes)
OpenSpending, School of Data (each in 3 or 4 classes, TBC)
CKAN, Open Definition (each in 2 classes)

The feedback is that "empowering through open knowledge" and "where does my
money go" are probably not registerable and so these are not included;
these could be pursued separately.  "Open Definition" may be challenging to
get through, but I think it is worth the investment as it is a key part of
what we do and potentially a unique asset as open concepts become more

Best regards,



Dr Laura James

Open Knowledge Foundation
*Promoting Open Knowledge in a Digital Age*
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