[foundation-board] Hello and contacts

Karin Christiansen karin at karinchristiansen.org
Mon Mar 24 09:17:32 UTC 2014

Hi Everyone

I've been meaning to introduce myself for a while, so just wanted to
finally do so.  I am really proud to be associated with the great work you
all do, and it is a real honour to have been asked to Chair the board.

I know there is a lot of change going on in the organisation at the moment
and that can be difficult.  If you want to give me a call, skype or find a
time for a coffee please do.  I am based in London, most of the time, and
my contacts are below. Or feel free to contact any of the other members of
the board if you feel more comfortable doing so.  This will all be in
confidence unless you wish.

I look forward to meeting you all soon at OK Festival, but in the meantime,
please do drop me line if there are any concerns you want to raise or



Karin Christiansen
+44 781 6839 533
karin at karinchristiansen.org
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