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Hi All,

Unless I hear otherwise in next 48h I'm going to assume the Board is happy with the minor changes to the original version approved in January.


On 12 March 2014 18:46, Rufus Pollock <rufus.pollock at okfn.org> wrote:

Draft minutes are below. Please indicate approval on list or in meeting.



# Minutes

A meeting of the board of directors of the Open Knowledge Foundation was held at the Mozilla Offices, London on Tuesday 14th January 2014.

 ## Introductions and Apologies

* Board  (in person): Karin Christiansen, Paula Le Dieu

* Board (online): Tom Cobbold, James Casbon, Chris Marshall

* Management team: Laura James, Rufus Pollock


* Martin Tisné, Jane Silber

## Minutes

The minutes of the previous board meeting were approved.

## Organization Metrics

A new iteration of the organizationl metrics were presented and reviewed. It was agreed to update the metrics monthly or quarterly (depending on metric).

 ## Finances and Year End

The Finance Group reported that we are now very close to finalizing year-end and will hope to submit in next few weeks. There was a general update and discussion of finances.

 ## Org Chart

The updated org chart was presented (it has now been some time since the last formal revision). There were no large changes but some “tidying”. Most significant change was around explicit designation of “Senior Management Team”. Discussed possibility of a change of role title for Rufus Pollock to “President” to separate from Laura James as CEO.

 ## Risk Register

The updated Risk Register was reviewed. Will continue to review and update on a regular basis.

 ## AOB




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