[foundation-board] update on international engagement project

Laura James laura.james at okfn.org
Thu Nov 27 18:10:17 UTC 2014

*All, As you may know I have been researching our options around
international team including evaluation of costs, risks and benefits of
employment and independent contract work for our team who are located
outside the UK. My target was to have a proposal or several options for the
board by end November which the board would then approve, and Fiona would
deliver execution.  Penny has been very helpful, and I'm working with one
of her contacts; however setting up calls with legal advisors in some
countries has been slower than we'd hoped. In addition our situation has
changed; with departures and relocations in the team. Priorities are now
clear. Specifically, to retain a number of key staff, who have already
indicated strong desires/needs to be employed not contracted, and who are
not in a position to or not willing to relocate to the UK, we need to offer
employment in Germany and the Netherlands. My revised project plan is to
have costings and notes on risk for employment in Germany and the
Netherlands for the board next week, for a go/no-go decision. (The most
cost and risk effective way of employing is likely to be direct employment
from the UK and we believe there is negligible risk (in current situation)
of inadvertently creating a permanent establishment in these countries. We
will be "ready to roll" at some dispatch if the board is happy to go ahead
with employment in these countries.) Options for the remaining countries
(Iceland, US, India, Portugal, Denmark, possibly Brasil) will follow in
December; there is no strong demand at present from staff remaining in
those countries from January for employment.Do let me know if you have any
questions or concerns. Best regards,Laura*
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