[foundation-board] Appointment details for circulation + update

Karin Christiansen k.christiansen at party.coop
Fri Nov 28 23:48:26 UTC 2014

Dear All - Attached the appointment details- please can you circulate widely!

A couple of links for reference.

And a few specific things

1.       @Rufus or @Laura, could someone update the deadline on the OK blog on this?

2.       I still haven't been able to contact Daniel - I have tried from 2 different emails and by skype invite.  Does anyone have any other contact for him? Or Daniel please skype me on karin16b, or text me on +447816839533 or email me at this or karin at karinchristiansen.org

3.       We need to agree the appointment panel, PL want to start arranging the long listing meeting etc.  I will ask Sophia when they need this done by given the new timeline.

4.     Update from Sophia from PL:

I just wanted to check in as agreed and let you know that things are progressing positively on the Open Knowledge search. At this stage we have contacted around 150 individuals covering community-based organisations; organisations focussed on transparency and open democracy; and research institutes/think tanks.

In terms of the feedback we've been getting, unsurprisingly people are very positive and Open Knowledge does not need a lot of introduction both for those in the transparency environments and other organisations, it is very well known and the agenda clear. Some have seen it more as an external relations role rather and others as more operational, but I think this split is something we expected. And we've been having a few questions in terms of the split in responsibilities between this role and Rufus, but again this is what we expected.

We're currently at the stage of initial conversations with some very interesting potential candidates and will give you an idea of where initial applications are coming from in my next update. We have also received 16 applications through the advert so far and some of these are looking strong, with a mix of candidates from tech, commercial and non-profit backgrounds.


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