[foundation-board] Process and Timeline summary for ED appointment

Karin Christiansen k.christiansen at party.coop
Mon Nov 17 18:57:42 UTC 2014

Thanks Laura

Mindful of not bombarding people, perhaps sending any other thoughts to Rufus direct, and Rufus are you happy to just incorporate this set and any others and take it from there? (We are already at 2 different versions.

Unless others feel they need to see it again? (I don’t)


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(hello, and thanks, Daniel!)

On Rufus's draft I have no significant feedback but a couple of points where we could make the language clearer.

>    Giving input into brief: Board + SMT + some team + Community
>    Representative
>    -
>    Open call for candidates [8th Dec]

suggest: [deadline 8th Dec] and also link to details of how to apply.

>    -
>    Longlist + shortlist generation: Search firm + ADVERTISING + ALL OF US [Dec-Jan]

"some others" is a bit vague!

>       Longlist interviewing (recommendation): Search firm will do this
>       -
>       Shortlist interviews (recommendation): Community Representative +
>       Board (subset) + President

I'm not sure what "recommendation" means here- if you mean 'this group do the interviews and then provide their recommendation to the board' then why not say that?

>       -
>    Staff interview (of final 1 or 2 candidates) by selected staff subgroup
>    (recommendation) [Jan]
>    -
>    Final decision: Board [Jan]

agree on Karin's point about timing here.

 > *[This part is probably not on the wiki] Aim is to get fantastic
> short-list. Timeline as stated is what we aim for - obviously we will
> always keep going to get the best pool possible.*

I agree with karin's point that this is important and should be shared and upfront.

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