[foundation-board] Our upcoming Board Meeting

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Sun Sep 6 14:27:17 UTC 2015

One option here is to postpone one week to the 16th or 17th - that would
give us more time to prepare.

@Board: what is availability of Board members for the 16th or 17th?


On 3 September 2015 at 23:18, Pavel Richter <pavel.richter at okfn.org> wrote:

> Dear Board,
> we are scheduled to meet on the 9th of September 2015 for our next board
> meeting in London.
> Unfortunately, I am undergoing a difficult personal situation right now:
> My mother passed away last Friday, so most of this week I will be with my
> family, and preparing for my mother's funeral. I have notified Karin
> about this some days ago.
> I have planned (and booked) my travel to London next week already. But I
> am afraid I will not be able to prepare for this meeting in a way that I
> would expect from the CEO of Open Knowledge.
> After consulting with Karin and Rufus, I would say that we proceed with
> the scheduled meeting, and I would ask you to join remotely or in person.
> We (me and the staff) will give our best to prepare for the meeting, given
> the circumstances.
> If there is anything in particular that you would need for this meeting,
> please let me (or Naomi, in CC) know asap.
> --
> Kind regards
> Pavel Richter
> Open Knowledge


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