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Karin Christiansen karin at karinchristiansen.org
Tue Aug 29 09:23:06 UTC 2017

Not really sure it is a governance focused, but the governance of the
organisation aka strategy, accountability etc.  Sorry for mis-signalling  .

There some governance loose ends but they should take long.  More strategy
focused and on how things are going. My aim would also to be having any new
board members join us so part of a proper get to know us process. Ideally
that would be part of the hand over to a new chair but we shall see.

We have had a lot on of late and from my perspective this is space/ time to
has through things we are having to rush through or haven't had time to
really get on the same page. Naomi saw an opportunity as everyone is in the
UK and suggested we might want to use it.


On 29 Aug 2017 10:07 am, "Jane Silber" <jane.e.silber at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi -

I'm not aware of the discussion of a Board retreat.  What are the
governance issues that need to be addressed in the retreat?


On 25/08/17 12:03, Naomi Lillie wrote:

Dear all,

Further to the reboot of Board recruitment
Karin has suggested that this is an opportune time to have the Board
governance retreat that has been in discussion for a while now.

The proposal is to hold this in the last quarter of this year, to nail down
and address some issues around governance, and - hopefully - to induct new
members of the Board who will have joined by then.

There are a few ways we could do this; one proposed plan is as
follows, for *early
November on the Isle of Wight *at Tapnell Farm <http://tapnellfarm.com/>:

   - Tue 7th, eve: Board joins OKI team for dinner
   - Wed 8th, morning - mid aft: Board retreat, addressing governance
   issues including the role of the Board in supporting the CEO, the
   relationship with the community, and accountability and performance within
   the Board
   - Wed 8th, late aft: concise Board meeting (focussing on finances and
   immediate outcomes of retreat), finished by 18.00 at latest

I'm advocating for the above plan not only because I want to join, but
also: the Leadership Team will already be together for the Autumn Summit;
you will be able to meet the wider team; it's not far to travel for Helen,
who has limited time due to the impending arrival of her baby (wohoo!); the
location is beautiful and should help creative juices flow!

Alternatively we could look at London around that time or sooner.

Please respond with your thoughts / suggestions.

Best wishes,


Naomi Lillie

Executive Assistant

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