[foundation-board] Open Knowledge CEO recruitment - For Action

Karin Christiansen karin.christiansen at okfn.org
Thu Aug 2 09:53:25 UTC 2018

Hi All - two things for action on the CEO recruitment, the first for
everyone action, the second for approval. Then one for info.

*1. FYA the announcement and CEO role is live
* Link
below, and a bit of text so you can cut and paste.  Thanks also to those to
reviewed it.  And particular thanks to Shireen for leading on this both up
to now and going forward.  If you have specifc names to suggestion - also
please send to Shireen who will be collecting them.

Please tweet, email, facebook the following.

*Great new CEO role at Open Knowledge.  I though you might be interested or
know people that are. Please do consider it or forward it when you have a


2.  *For agreement* We didn't really talk about the *recruitment process*
or how we would do the recruitment as a board.  What the "old board"
thought is that we probably need a smaller group to guide and help Shireen
and I with this.  That means long listing, shortlist, first round
interviewing etc.

Tim and I discussed this today, and having reached out to a few people what
we suggest is in addition to *Shireen and me, Vicky, Rufus and Helen could
form this recruitment sub-committee.  Does that sound okay?*

Others are clearly welcome if you have the time in Sept and Oct but I fear
that won't be insubstantial.  Also Tim and I have our beady eyes on you for
the other sub-committee we discussed which is the opportunity
development/fundraising one.

3. *FYI* We have a *CEO recruitment process paper *(which old board has
seen) on the processes which has additional timelines in it.  Shireen will
share this, but I guess the aim is that we use that to kick of the first
meeting of the CEO recruitment group in early Sept.

Many thanks
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