[geo-discuss] getmapping aerial data

SteveC steve at fractalus.com
Fri Apr 8 10:58:52 UTC 2005

So you won't believe this, but, the MD of getmapping.com mailed to say
he's interested in doing something around annotating their aerial data.
Lots of it is down to 12.5cm and it covers most of the country.

Is that cool, or what?

Not having to pay for the data kinda changes everything!

I've suggested meeting to talk about it all. I don't think he knew about
the Thursday meeting, which I sent.

Jo: He's gonna mail you about stuff

Maybe we can put a delegation together to go talk to them? I'm slightly
worried of scaring them off if we appear flaky.

In other news, I'm potentially doing a PhD on this stuff... which'd be
kinda cool.

have fun,

SteveC steve at fractalus.com http://www.fractalus.com/steve/

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