[geo-discuss] Re: Fwd: [ordnancemaps] Soviet Military Maps of UK

SteveC steve at fractalus.com
Sat Aug 20 18:46:56 UTC 2005

* @ 20/08/05 07:26:27 PM rufus.pollock at okfn.org wrote:
> [Moving to discuss as this seems a more appropriate]
> Richard Fairhurst wrote:
> >Here's one from the Ordnance Survey discussion list (not OS 
> >politics/licensing, rather the study and collection of OS maps).
> >
> >The Soviet military maps represent an interesting potential source for 
> >free geodata. OS has laid claim to partial copyright, and made what (to 
> >me) sounded like quite a convincing case. But the message below suggests 
> >there may be more to it than that.
> What was their case? That the Russians took the data from the OS? What 

It's what I would do if I was thousands of miles away, had no money and
didn't have to respect the copyright.

Maybe add the various UK / US bases I saw with my satellites.

have fun,

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