[geo-discuss] IPR in Africa on-line debate 21 July - 21 August

Roger Longhorn ral at alum.mit.edu
Mon Jul 25 12:26:40 UTC 2005

Access to geospatial data in Africa is key to the ability for Africans to 
monitor and plan for their themselves. Obtaining high-quality geodata at 
low cost/prices is a real dilemma, since the governments involved have 
little cash to spend on either data collection themselves or data purchase 
from outsiders. IPR issues further complicate the matter, especially (I 
think) on re-use of geodata once purchased, since such re-use is typically 
governed by a license versus some inalienable IPR 'right'. (i.e. buying a 
license to use the data once, for your own purposes, may (seldom does) 
confer any further rights for you to use the same data in other ways, such 
as passing it on to other departments who may have a similar need).

Perhaps some of us (I've registered) could help advance that theme in this 
ongoing discussion over the next three weeks, if anyone has the time?

Kind regards

ral at alum.mit.edu

* EFF Co-Moderates Discussion on Intellectual Property
Rights in Africa, July 20-August 2

EFF is co-moderating a four-week email discussion forum
to help raise awareness of critical issues around
intellectual property rights for Africa, to discuss
alternatives to the current situation, and to facilitate
exchange and collaboration between individuals and
organizations working in this field.  Based on the
discussion, a short summary report - including a number
of recommended action items - will be prepared in
English and French.

Among the topics on the agenda: new developments in the
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO),
international treaties and trade agreements,
digital rights management (DRM), "copyleft," Creative
Commons, and other open access initiatives.
We encourage participation by policymakers and their
advisors, academics, representatives from the
entertainment and creative industries, artists,
journalists, lawyers, and members of the general
public interested in how intellectual property law
and policy affects social and economic well-being
in Africa.

Free and open to the public, the discussion is a
joint project of the Center for International ICT
Policy for West and Central Africa (CIPACO, supported
by Panos Institute West Africa Project) and the
Collaboration for International ICT Policy in East
and Southern Africa (CIPESA, a program
of bridges.org).

The discussion will be hosted at:
To subscribe, please visit
<http://www.cipaco.org/article.php3?id_article=74&lang=en> ,
or send an email to Ken Lohento klohento at panos-ao.org
(West and Central African participants) or to Anthony
Mugeere anthony at bridges.org (East and Southern African
participants).  Northern African participants are
encouraged to use any of the subscription methods above.

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