[geo-discuss] second draft of email to signatories

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Tue Apr 4 21:10:17 UTC 2006

Here's a go at a second draft. It needs to be shorter, cover less. 
So this will focus on asking for testimonials, and just offer URLs to
representative-contact pages on the wiki.

What needs to be done before this goes out:
- Benjamin is working on better style for existing testimonies page
- I need to set ACLs on the main pages so they don't get battered

dear [insert name],
Thanks so much for signing the Public Geodata petition in support of
open access to state-collected geographic information in Europe!

Over 3200 people have now signed in support, representing almost every
single European member state: http://petition.publicgeodata.org

To help convince our representatives of the need for open access to
state-collected geographic information in Europe, we're collecting 
Testimonials and Statements of Support from businesses and academics
who would really benefit from open access to public geodata.

If you are able to speak for your business or research group, 
Please consider sending us a testimonial in support of the cause!
It can be as short as a paragraph, and should describe:

 * Who you are
 * How large your business / research group is
 * How you would benefit particularly from open access to geodata

Please see http://publicgeodata.org/Testimonies for more details.
Email your testimonial to us, with an optional picture of yourself, to
testify at publicgeodata.org


How else can you help?

* Tell your friends about http://petition.publicgeodata.org/ 
* Put a banner on your website: http://publicgeodata.org/Banners
* Contact your representatives:
  * http://publicgeodata.org/ContactYourMEP
  * http://publicgeodata.org/ContactYourEnvironmentDepartment

Thanks again for signing the petition!


Jo Walsh, Benjamin Henrion, on behalf of Public Geodata

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